bare Organic Soap

it's only natural - like your bare skin 


Because there are no artificial ingredients in Bare Organic Soap, you will be giving your skin only what it wants and needs.  There are no added colorants, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.  Our soaps use only natural ingredients - organic plant-based oils and organic essential oils that are sustainably resourced and responsibly harvested.


Each oil we use has been carefully selected to play a specific role in the health and vitality of your skin.  Years of research and trial and error have gone into all of our soaps and their unique oil blends.  Our signature oil blends, based on the ancient health science of Ayurveda, serve a unique catalyst to not only healthy skin, but also as harmonious aromatherapy.   By using our soaps, you will enjoy the holistic experience of cleansing your physical body as well as your mind.


Natural ingredients and organic oils create a gentle bar of soap, both for your skin and the environment.  Bare Organic Soap moisturizes sensitive skin and will not leave you itchy or dry.  We never use artificial fragrances or perfumes and you and your home will benefit from the pleasant, gentle aroma of each organic blend. 

To be kind and gentle to the environment, Bare Organic Soap uses organic oils that have been harvested responsibly, uses no synthetic chemicals, uses no animal products (except for beeswax and honey), and uses packaging made from recycled content. 

I hope you enjoy these all natural soaps and their nourishing effects.  It is a pleasure to create and produce high-quality, hand-crafted soap for you.  Thank you!            


Sam Franklin

Bare Organic